A Huge Thank You

Last Friday night on the 10th of February we were blessed to have our 200 closest friends and neighbors join us for an amazing Speakeasy Soirée party down at Crawford’s Bar and Grill. For those of you who came, you know just how special it was.

First off, a huge thank you to David Graham and Michael Mohr of Crawford’s. These two gentlemen trusted my crazy idea of “taking over” their amazing restaurant for a night just for the purposes of having some old-fashioned fun. David, the owner, and Michael, the bar manager, were not only willing but also eager to see that this event was a success. Without them, absolutely none of this would have been possible. Anytime you have friends in town or need an evening away I highly recommend you visit them at Crawford’s. Ask for them by name. Order a steak and an Old Fashioned. You won’t be disappointed.

Next, JAS Quintet continues to wow us with their ridiculous talent. These gents played the night away and looked great doing it. Thank you so much for filling the space with happy sounds. We are also excited for your album release party coming up on the 18th at the Washington Pavilion (event link to for information and to purchase tickets here https://www.facebook.com/events/1287433527994018/).

Miss Paige Kilgore… you made us look so damn pretty. Thank you for taking us amazing photos. And even more, thank you for sharing them.

Travis Nye thank you for amazing the people with your slight of hand (and needle through hand) tricks. We are always shocked by your magic.

DJ Jerthanks for letting us use your card tables. They were packed all night.

Finally, a massive thank you to my amazing team of staff and volunteers, without you crazy cats none of these things would ever happen.

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