Our Beginning

In January of 2014 Clint Brown and Brian Rand had a crazy idea to offer their marketing services for free on Fridays to whomever would want them. Their company at that time had 6 employees and they thought it would help them relate to customers if they got to work with them directly and on-the-fly. They decided to throw in a free lunch and have someone speak. So began the FREE Fridays that still go to this day. That little community of professionals that started showing up in their old office building downtown became the beginnings of what is now The Bakery.

By August of 2014 they knew they were onto something with their FREE Fridays and also were looking to get a new and bigger office for their staff of 15. After looking at many offices Clint suggested that they check out this old bakery up on the north end of downtown. It didn’t take the two long to realize their FREE Friday idea could be massively expanded into a collaborative community. In September of 2014 they signed the lease for The Bakery. Demolition and construction start in November of that same year and they finally got the keys on May 1, 2015.

In true Clint and Brian fashion they didn’t wait until they opened to grow the business. They started recruiting members in January, 5 months before they got keys to the building. By the time they opened they had over 150 members and today have over 400 members.

What We Believe

We believe that we can make Sioux Falls a better place to work and live by bringing people together.

We are making Sioux Falls a better place to make a living doing what you love.

How you can be a part of The Bakery

They best way to become a part of The Bakery is to come and try it out.


Do I have to own my own business to join?

No. About 30% of our members are business owners.

Who should join The Bakery?

About 80% of our members join for one of the following reasons.
1. They desire a rich community of local professionals to be a part of.
2. They want to participate in all of the included education and programming at The Bakery.
3. They want to have the most affordable office space in town.

Everyone has their more specific reason for joining. Grab a Day Pass, come down to The Bakery, and start asking our members why they are really here. They will tell you.

How much does a membership cost?


What additional benefits come with a bakery membership?

Where do we start with this one. First we have amazing perks which you can check out here.

Here are 29 reasons that our members gave us that someone should join.

How do I schedule a tour of the bakery?

If you want a tour just give us a call before hand and come on down. You can also email us at info@thebakerysf.com to set up something in the future. Also, by getting a Day Pass you can come spend the day with us for free which would give you the best feel for the space. You can get a day pass by clicking here.