Here are some of the top questions
people ask us.

Do I have to own my own business to join?

No. About 30% of our members are business owners.

Who should join The Bakery?

About 80% of our members join for one of the following reasons.
1. They desire a rich community of local professionals to be a part of.
2. They want to participate in all of the included education and programming at The Bakery.
3. They want to have the most affordable office space in town.

Everyone has their more specific reason for joining. Grab a Day Pass, come down to The Bakery, and start asking our members why they are really here. They will tell you.

How much does a membership cost?


What additional benefits come with a bakery membership?

Where do we start with this one. First we have amazing perks which you can check out here.

Here are 29 reasons that our members gave us that someone should join.

How do I schedule a tour of the bakery?

If you want a tour just give us a call before hand and come on down. You can also email us at info@thebakerysf.com to set up something in the future. Also, by getting a Day Pass you can come spend the day with us for free which would give you the best feel for the space. You can get a day pass by clicking here.

How do I host an event there?

We only allow members to host an event. Email the office at info@thebakerysf.com for more details.

If I become a member do I get the emails of all the other members?

We do offer a member directory. However, we highly discourage any activity that might be perceived as SPAM.

If I become a member will all of the other members buy my product?

No. There is no expectation that they will do business with you. You must earn their trust before you can ever earn their dollars.

What is this place/What is the bakery?

The largest coworking/collaboration space in the Great Plains.

How much are the dinosaur cakes?

Despite the numerous requests, we do not make dinosaur cakes.

How do you decide what classes are taught/who teaches them?

The staff picks the classes based on the recommendations and needs of our members.

Are there private work spaces available?

No, however, their are many spaces to hide and work alone. None of the spaces completely close off though.

Do I have to be a member to work at the bakery?

Yes unless you come on FREE Friday.

Who is the guy that makes vehicles look like new?

Adam Huber.

Are there private meeting/conference rooms?

Yes, we have a 7-person conference room upstairs and a classroom that holds up to 50.

What is FREE Friday?

It is a time where The Bakery is free to anyone. At noon there is a speaker and lunch is provided.

Can I bring friends who aren’t members if I am?

Yes. We’d like them to check in though.

Can clients meet me at the Bakery?


How much is coffee?


How noisy is it?

Most of the time The Bakery is pretty quiet. We would recommend bringing earbuds though.

Is there a printer available?

Yes, two. Both are color and FREE.

Is the bakery just for young people? I heard they had a homecoming dance…

Our average age is 37, and the average age at the homecoming dance was probably 50. We have members who are 16 and members who are 70.

Will the Bakery help me launch my business?

We will do our best.

Are there mentors?

Yes, just let us know what you are looking for.

What costs extra?

The vending machines in the basement are the only other costs we are aware of.

Is it like a co-op?

No and yes. It is very cooperative by nature but not a legal co-op structure.

What businesses have come out of The Bakery?

Juna Sleep
Groundfloor Workforce Solutions
Yoo Board
Rebel Equi-Learning
Sidekick Marketing
Organizing by Lisa
Story Seven
Yes Yoga One
FutureScape 3d
Wellness Wisdom that Works
KoKo Fit Club
Timepiece Technician
Adam Huber Detailing

Are there group rates?

Yes. A team a 3 can purchase a year membership for $1500. This would be buying 3 year long memberships (valued at $1000/each) for the price of $1500.

Who are the owners and Staff?

Check out our awesome team here.

Does it get too crowded because of how many members there are?

Only during large events is the building crowded. Those happen roughly 2-3 times a month. The rest of the time the building has plenty of space.

How many members will the Bakery be able to hold?

We aren’t quite sure yet, it holds 400 just fine.

Can I rent the entire space?


When is The Bakery closed?

It is always open to members.

What if I have a question that wasn’t listed here?

Awesome. Give us a call at 605-610-8086 or email us at info@thebakerysf.com