Meet our Members

These are a few of the 250+ members who make up this space we call The Bakery. It’s not about the chairs, the events, or the coffee. Its about who is experiencing those things. Here is a few of their stories.

Meet Demetrius Young

Demetrius is CEO and Founder of Time Piece Technician. He uses The Bakery to make connections and grow his business.

Meet Andy Jorgensen

Andy is the owner of Fire Brothers Fireworks. A new firework shop concept that Andy launched through his entrepreneurial drive and The Bakery.

Meet Karen Paul

After leaving corporate America, Karen surrounded herself with people from The Bakery for motivation and community.

Meet Sandra Melstad

Sandra is a mobile professional so it doesn’t matter where she is to get her job done. She chose The Bakery environment to work out of for her day to day operations.

Meet Jess Johnson

As an owner of JAM Art & Supplies and an artist her self, Jess uses The Bakery as a creative space to belong and connect with other creatives.

Meet Eric Dew

Studying Computer Science at STI, Eric uses The Bakery to learn more about business from a real world perspective by interacting and talking with fellow Bakery members.