Paul Singh and The Results Junkies Tour

Paul Singh and his Venture Capitalist road tour across American Tour stopped in Sioux Falls in April 2017.  Didn’t hear about that, big miss there and sorry to hear that.  View the details of it here:   or Jodi Schwan’s recap article here:

It wasn’t a pleasure to have Paul Singh in Sioux Falls because he brought with him potential millions in investment dollars. It wasn’t because he gave multiple keynote speaking seminars where we were all left in gasp and awe. It was not because he had office hour meetings with 20 local companies or visited with dozens of students at New Tech High.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Paul, his partner Dana Duncan, and the Results Junkies crew in Sioux Falls because they were all round wonderful people. We enjoyed beers, we shared pot luck food, swapped a great amount of stories

I was one part skeptical at first this was just a venture capitalist making another publicity round. But the other 9 parts optimistic of there be rewarding content and interaction was blown up and out of the park. The group was genuine, authentic, honest and is truly on a journey across America in an AirStream to make relationships and hopefully, just hopefully, invest 25k to millions in good solid startups shooting for the starts and able to spit out a future return.

We’ll see you sometime soon Paul & Dana! And I hope we, as a city, can cast reward to you as much as you look to reward some of us.

Drive Safe,
Your friends in SF, SD


Click for YouTube Clip of Paul speaking at Sioux Falls 1 Million Cups


-Thadeus Giedd
April 30, 2017

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