The Value of a Mastermind Group

Have you ever participated in a Mastermind Group?

This can be one of the most enriching experiences as a professional. If you have not participated, here is a quick preview.

First, you need to assemble of group of 4-6 people who are willing to commit to at least one year of participation. Second, you need to be willing to set aside 2-4 hours a month to investing in this group.

Okay, seems easy enough right? Now as far as format typically you set aside 90 minutes once a month, more often if the group needs a quicker pace. During this 90 minute session, everyone goes around and has 5 minutes to “check in.” During this check in each person shares,

  • One thing that was currently working really well in their business activities.
  • One thing they needed help on, were struggling with or wanted to brainstorm on.
  • One resource, such as a blog, podcast, service, product that they believed others in the group would appreciate knowing about.

After everyone goes around and checks in, then one person is in the hot seat. This is the time that true progress is made. Via a Socratic method of question asking mastermind teammates quiz the hot seat person to help them think through their specific challenge. It is not a time to be super critical of the person, but rather challenge their thinking.

  • What things did you consider when making this decision to move forward?
  • Is this best use of your time and money to achieve your strategic goals?
  • What if you are wrong?
  • What if you are right?

The hot seat.

The hot seat should feel hot. Many of the questions may not have readily available answers. It should be challenging.

Mastermind teammates might also suggest other resources or best practices. It is often the thought processes of the entrepreneur or professional that got them into this position. So the goal is to challenge that line of thinking with the hopes of refining it.

At the end of the session, schedules are coordinated for the next mastermind session. The hot seat individual leaves with lots of homework. Everyone leaves challenged and refreshed.

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