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We believe that real economic development is in the hands of small businesses. We believe that small businesses increase their chance of success through collaborative learning. Join our learning community.

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We Facilitate Collaborative Learning Through:

Live Broadcast Classes & Workshops

Learn from experts across the country in scheduled live interactive online classes.

On-Demand Classes & Workshops

Take the classes you want when you want from our library of courses.

Downloadable Resources

Download the best resources from our network of experts.

Regular Meetups

Meet up with other professionals in your area around various relevant topics.

Mastermind Groups

Collaborate with diverse professionals on your growth challenges.


Work directly with experts who can help you navigate your business growth.

Online Learning Platform

Be the student, or even be the teacher in our custom built learning platform. This on-demand cloud-based software allows you to learn from experts around the country... even on your phone.

Private Social Network

We partnered with Facebook to bring you a truly private and robust social network to keep you plugged in to professionals in the community. 

"I make comics. It’s not a super lucrative business so I need to make connections and I need to work and grow. Seeing that there are so many people here actively doing that, not just hanging out or just making this a buddy space, was a really positive thing for me. I lunged at that and said ‘Here is a new way to build an audience.'"

Dylan Jacobson
Comic Book Artist

"My first time to be away from corporate america. Spent 25+ years working in leadership positions and executive positions being engrained and entrenched in focus in the corporate world. After joining The Bakery it was nice to think differently and a great way to do that is to meet people."

Karen Paul
Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

"The diverse aspects and the diverse skills that The Bakery brings actually supports entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs need professionals and professionals need entrepreneurs."

Andy Jorgenson
Owner of Fire Brothers Fireworks

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